World Day of Social Justice day 20 Feb 2024

World Day of Social Justice day 20 Feb 2024. World Day of Social Justice is observed every year on February 20 with the objective to raise a voice against social injustice. Today, poverty and inequalities within and among countries are on the rise.

What is the message of social justice?

Social justice is based on the values of fairness, equality, respect for diversity, access to social protection, and the application of human rights in all spheres of life, including in the workplace


5 Principles of social justice

Five Principles of Social Justice. There are five main principles of social justice that are paramount to understanding the concept better.

Access to resources is an important principle of social justice and refers to the extent to which different socioeconomic groups receive equal access to give everyone an equal start in life.

Equity is the quality of being fair and impartial. Social equity is impartiality, fairness and justice for all people in social policy. Social equity takes into account systemic inequalities to ensure everyone in a community has access to the same opportunities and outcomes.

Participation. The third principle for social justice is participation. Society must allow everyone to voice their concerns and take part in making decisions. If something affects a person’s life, that person needs to be a part of the process.

In order to promote fairness and equity, social justice promotes diversity by supporting the differences within a society or setting. Cultural diversity helps different people from a multitude of backgrounds acknowledge and respect people and lifestyles that contrast their own.

Social justice means everyone’s human rights are respected, protected, and promoted. Everyone has access to equal opportunities and the resources necessary to thrive. This doesn’t guarantee a perfectg society where everyone is always happy; however, everyone will have a fighting chance at the life they want.

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