How to obtain appointment in Govt Hospital in India and How to create Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission card

Appointment in any Government Hospital in India can be taken in two ways

1 Online- by visiting

2 By visiting hospital-by visiting in person to OPD window of hospital


Some of important FAQ are as below:

1. What is ORS.GOV.IN portal?

Ans: ORS is Online Registration Framework Portal for taking OPD appointment in the Government Hospitals

2. What are the various methods to take the appointment?

Ans: Patient or his/her attendant can get the online OPD appointment (over internet) by visiting website ( or can come to appointment-cum-registration counters in the hospital.

3. What are pre-requisites for getting appointment?

Ans: New patient requires aadhaar number with registered mobile number. System will get personal details of the patient using eKYC data from UIDAI.

In case patient has aadhaar number but mobile number is not registered with it, then name of the patient appearing in aadhaar card must be known. After verification, patient needs to enter other personal details.

In case, patient does not have aadhaar number then personal mobile number, name, father name, mother name etc need to be entered.

4. What is the process to take appointment for a new patient?

Ans: If you have Aadhaar number of the patient and patient’s mobile number is registered with UIDAI, then One Time PIN (OTP) will be sent by UIDAI through SMS and Aadhaar holder would need to give consent to share his/her KYC data as stored in UIDAI with the hospital for the purpose of taking OPD appointment.

In case patient’s mobile number is not registered with UIDAI then patient’s name as in Aadhaar needs to be given and after doing demographic authentication with UIDAI, patient will be requested to give a mobile number and other details like address, age etc.

In case, user is not having aadhaar number, he can do online appointment but would have to collect OPD card from the hospital after providing identity of the patient.

User can select the Department in a Government hospital where patient needs to visit for check-up Thereafter, user will be sent a confirmation through SMS giving details of OPD appointment.



After clicking click on APPOINTMENT LINK at top right or click on image below

Appointment in Government hospital

Select State or click on image below

Select Hospital

Appointment in Government Hospital

To watch youtube video about the ABDM card and its benefits and process of creating a new card. click below link.

Please click here


There are many ABHA card benefits. Some of them are as follows: 

It provides secure and easy access to medical records and acts as a one-stop repository with accurate information. 

The ABHA ID is linked to various healthcare benefits, including health insurance schemes.

The ABHA ID card ensures health providers comply with the rules and regulations and stay transparent with charges to the patient. 

It provides a unique identity to the users to access various AYUSH treatment facilities like Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy.

The ABHA card allows users to sign up for the applications of Personal Health Records (PHR), such as the ABDM ABHA application, to share health data. 

It eliminates the hassles of settling the reimbursement claims with your health insurance policy.

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