Heart Attack First Aid KIt-Informative and useful news

It has been observed that many persons feel chest pain due to heart attacks, especially during winter. Many times, there is no nearby medical facility or doctor available to treat the patient quickly. The delay in traveling to the hospital and medical aid causes the patient to expire.   As reported by the Aajtak news agency, IPS Kanpur a cardiology Hospital has innovatively created a kit that can save the life of many patients, especially in rural India where there is no facility or awareness.

Heart Attack First Aid KIt

First Aid kit to Help Treat Heart Attack Quickly-Informative and useful news

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The kit contains three medicines :

1. Ecosprin,

2. Rosuvas 20 a statin ,

3. Sorbitrate.

The Sorbitrate tablet is to be kept under the tongue whereas other two medicines can be swallowed with water.

The kit cost is kept at Rs 7/- as informed by Dr Neeraj from the hospital but may vary as per location and availability. and medicines mentioned inside the kit can be purchased either from a local store or by showing the medicine shop this news if he is not aware of the name of the kit as “The Ram Kit”.

In addition to Heart attack first aid kit, there are other precautions to be taken such as:

Monitor Vital Signs: Keep an eye on the person’s vital signs, such as breathing and pulse. If the person becomes unresponsive and stops breathing, be prepared to perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) if you are trained to do so.

Be Prepared for CPR: If the person becomes unresponsive and you are trained in CPR, start chest compressions. Push hard and fast in the center of the chest at a rate of 100-120 compressions per minute. Combine chest compressions with rescue breaths if you are trained to do so.

It is essential to remember that first aid measures are not a substitute for professional medical care. Chest pain can have serious underlying causes, such as a heart attack or other cardiac issues, and prompt medical attention is crucial. Always call for professional help immediately and follow the instructions given by emergency services. If you are unsure about administering first aid, wait for trained professionals to arrive.

Aspirin Administration: If the person is not allergic to aspirin and has not been advised by a doctor to avoid it, you may consider giving them a dose (usually 325 mg) of aspirin to chew. Aspirin can help to thin the blood and improve blood flow. Do not give aspirin to someone who is under 16 years old unless advised by a doctor.

There are other helps available such as:

  1. Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers: Some smartwatches and fitness trackers have health monitoring features, including heart rate monitoring. While they are not medical devices, they can provide some general information about your heart health.
  2. Mobile ECG Devices: There are portable ECG devices that connect to smartphones or tablets, allowing users to record and share their ECG data with healthcare professionals. One such device can be purchased from Amazon Click here to buy from Amazon
  3. Bluetooth-Enabled Devices: Some medical devices can connect to smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth, enabling the transmission of data to healthcare providers. For example, Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitors or pulse oximeters.

It’s important to consult with healthcare professionals or your healthcare provider to understand which devices, if any, are suitable for your specific health needs. Additionally, emergencies like chest pain often require immediate attention, and in such cases, contacting emergency services is crucial.

NCRB 2022 report indicates that India has reported a 12 percent increase in heart attack deaths. Over 32,457 individuals died due to heart attacks in 2022, as stated by the NCRB report.

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